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Εφαρμογή Water pillar

WATERPILLAR is an online platform used for viewing and managing water supply and sewer systems, used by public water supply and sewerage companies, Municipalities and water supply councils in Cyprus. (WebGIS software)

The target audience of our application is companies which are responsible for the water supply facilities

Some of our software’s characteristics are:


  • User friendly and simple
  • Ability to provide you with a precise geospatial depiction of all the network’s components and pipes (G.I.S).
  • Development of specialized tools and applications which support your network’s maintenance, upgrade and expansion.
  • Hydraulic simulation toolbar for any water supply network (EPANET library).
  • Connection with the companies’ SCADA, providing real time data.
  • Management of smart AMR hydrometers.

Topolysis designs complete online applications able of viewing and managing spatial and descriptive data, which support utility companies.

New DeyApp application!

The first smart mobile application targeted on customer service for every consumer.

Download our application on smartphone and tablets for free and explore its functions.


• My digital account
• Quick Damage report
• Measurement of my domestic hydrometer
• Daily update on water outages in my area
• Payments points in my area

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