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Advanced methods of depicting public utility networks

We are equipped with cutting-edge technology equipment when it comes to apps used for depicting roads in big urban centers and large parcels of land in the countryside. We use state-of-the-art drones in order to take the best possible aerial photographs. Our GNSS receivers (G.P.S) are equipped with digital cameras able of depiction by using the photogrammetry method.

We convert your data into valuable information

Having successfully implemented topographic depiction projects for both public utility services and private companies, we are able to manage the cartographic needs of every network the best way possible.

Our drones scan the places of interest and create backgrounds of high resolution and precision, which will be later used for the digitization of the network. By photographing the ground, our drones provide us with precise coordinates regarding land-based facilities (buildings, wastewater treatment plants, pumping-stations) which belong to each respective company.

Our world is not flat. The maps we design should not be either. This is why we design 2D and 3D maps, so you can have the ‘’real world’’ in your hands.

The next step is to make sure that we know every little detail about pipelines, cables and other pieces of equipment that comprise the network. In a big urban field, the difficulty of registering and depicting the places of interest is quite high. Our company, using the last generation receivers RTK G.N.S.S, photogrammetric methods and the Laser Scanner technology, is a pioneer in depicting difficult spots with centimeter precision.

One very important detail is the precise registration of drains, water supply hydrometers, sewerage systems and gas pipelines as well as electricity and telecommunications networks, which are usually found above and/or under pavements.

Nowadays, information concerning location is everything and we have the necessary expertise to provide you with this information.

For us, as well as for our clients, the descriptive information of networks’ components at their disposal is of significant importance due to the role they play in the proper maintenance of the networks. We register all the distinctive traits of these components and we provide them to you in relational database management systems (RDBMS).

At this stage, our company’s main goal is to depict the network with the necessary precision regarding the networks pipelines, cables and components.

At a local government level (Municipalities, Prefectures) the benefits of regular aerial cartography are plenty.

Local councils can now modernize the way they function, by having high-precision aerial photographs (3cm) and by analyzing and processing the extracted conclusions

Some of the benefits are:


Validation of documents ant any time and for any purpose ( other companies, private individuals, courts)


Control for illegal waste/debris disposal and for illegal constructions.


Surface area measurement (mainly Industrial facilities), without the need of any member of staff being present, in order to re-determine municipal taxes.


Measurement of the surface covered with chairs and tables to determine the municipal taxes.


Detection of bins, street-lighting and ground damage (potholes, etc.).


Quick visualization of natural disasters (floods, earthquakes), in order to make sure of the exact extent of the disaster.

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