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Ground Penetrating Radars (Georadar)

This is the safest non-destructive method of detecting-finding and depicting water supply and sewerage underground networks. We can provide you with a variety of solutions size-wise and we depict our results in two or three dimensions. (2D, 3D)

Our goal is to ensure proper knowledge when it comes to the topology of networks in public utility services.

Our engineers, having the necessary expertise and experience, can determine the depth and exact location of water pipes (metal or no) in real time by using various frequency georadar antennas.

Network detection procedures:

Depiction method and data

In order to detect and collect data on the field, we process all the parameters (geophysical, environmental) so as to have the best possible depiction of the subsoil’s status. We plan the implementation stages according to the size of the network we are asked to depict. For example:

  • Subsoil’s material analysis
  • Configuration of georadar’s control unit
  • Pipeline detection
  • Primary data processing through the use of specialized software
  • Depiction of the results

We are happy to share innovative practices with companies and public services in order to utilize new technologies.

The delivered results, taken by using the radar in places of interest, are comprised of histograms showing the direction of the networks and their descriptive information. The measurement pace is different depending on the application, varying from 5 meters in networks found in cities to 30 meters in networks outside cities.

3D data depicts the real status of the subsoil, that means the complete amount of networks found beneath the surface.

We always support the proper function of public utility services in various ways.

Topolysis provides the implementation and technical support needed in public-network depiction apps and also in staff training, in order to render everyone able to understand and make good use of the results.

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