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Water supply and sewerage companies

Trustworthy water supply and sewerage companies are the companies that regularly maintain a well-structured database. Nowadays, Geographic information systems are not just a tool of a specific function responsible for detecting pipelines and facilities.

It is now a complete platform designed for understanding and optimizing water functions. We can now integrate information taken from sensors, indicators/gauges, technical crews and even pipes by using location as a common parameter. You can now safely save your data in a WEB-GIS system, share interactive maps with your company’s members of staff and forward all the information to devices used by technical crews when on the field.

When your data flows, so does the water in your network.

Being well prepared guarantees better results

By rendering your hydraulic systems smarter and with the use of advanced depiction equipment (Geo-radars, Drones, Laser Scanners) you can now have a faster and easier understanding of underground networks. Optimization in your network’s efficiency and lifespan extension of your property are now possible. Spatial apps and descriptive tables help in the faster response of action strategies. You can now instantly act when facing network malfunctions.

You can now let your consumers know about water outages due to construction works or network maintenance and advise them concerning water quality. Your clients are now able to submit their requests via the application we have designed for smart devices.

Technicians and technical crews on the field now have the possibility of registering the characteristic traits of every network’s components through their mobile phones. They can also create and send their reports back to the office and automate quality control.


A well-informed consumer will surely demand a smart public utility service. You can now give your consumers the advantage of having information that concerns them in a fast and easy fashion through applications and interactive maps.


You now have access to the imaging of your pipelines’ exact location and improve your everyday decision-making. Our services and products simplify the monitoring, maintenance and reparation of your network.


By using our technologically advanced management information systems that we develop for you, you now have a consistent and quantitative approach of reality. You can now synchronize your data from your office so they are available on the field in order for you to have access to trustworthy information anywhere you are.